Exploring the benefits of Dry port in Egypt

Exploring the benefits of Dry port in Egypt

The concept of a “dry port” holds considerable importance within the realm of international trade and logistics, representing a pivotal element in contemporary supply chain management. Dry port in Egypt offer numerous advantages for the global supply chain, including the alleviation of congestion and pollution at seaports, as well as the acceleration of cargo movement between maritime vessels and terrestrial transportation networks.

However, Dry port in Egypt also face some challenges, such as the need for adequate infrastructure and coordination among different stakeholders. In this essay, we will discuss the dry port meaning, benefits, and functions of dry port.

What is dry port meaning?

A dry port in Egypt, also known as an inland terminal, is a facility directly connected to a seaport by rail or road, offering cargo handling, storage, inspection, and customs clearance services. It serves as a crucial transfer hub for various modes of transportation, facilitating efficient cargo movement in international trade.

What are the advantages of dry ports?

Dry ports serve as vital transfer hubs, facilitating cargo movement between various modes of transportation. The functions of dry port are as follows:

  • container handling and storage

  • stuffing and stripping containers

  • breakbulk cargo handling and storage

  • banking, insurance, and other financial services

  • customs and other border controls inspection and clearance

  • container light repairs

  • combination services for freight forwarding

  • transportation reservation or authorization

  • value-added services (e.g. packaging,labelling, long-term warehousing)

Advantages of dry port

 Dry port in Egypt have economic, environmental, and social benefits. The advantages of dry port are:

Economic benefits

  • net decrease in transportation operating costs.

  • significant decrease in environmental damage and overall improvement in public safety (reduced accident costs)

  • net decrease in maintenance costs for transportation infrastructure

Enviromental benefits

  • CO2 emissions reduction

  • lowering traffic noise

  • avoiding road congestion at the shipping port entrance

  • green corridors for goods

  • electrified railway

  • reducing fuel consumption

Social benefits

  • decreasing traffic injuries

  • improving the safety and security of containers that have arrived at their destination or are in transit

  • enhancing authority-based container control

  • enhancing container management for recipients through monitoring

Why TEDA Royal Bonded Warehouse?

The most advantageous location of TEDA Royal Bonded Warehouse allows it to manage cargo transit and warehousing through the most advantageous containers in the Suez Canal Economic Zone.

Several factors distinguish TEDA Royal Bonded Warehouse from others:

  • It allows easy access to stored goods, contributing to enhanced customer service.

  • We contribute to a smoother supply chain process with improved lead times and reduced transportation costs.

  • We have a team of experts knowledgeable in customs regulations and procedures.

  • We employ advanced inventory management systems for accurate tracking and inventory control.

  • We prioritize security and compliance, providing a safe environment for stored goods.

Discover the distinction offered by Teda Royal’s premier best bonded warehouse facilities. Allow us to optimize your import and distribution procedures. Reach out to us today for expert warehousing services and reliable container maintenance and repair solutions.

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What is the definition of a port?

A port is a place where ships can load or unload cargo and passengers.

What is a dry shipping container?

A dry shipping container is a type of container that is used to transport goods that do not require temperature control or special handling.

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