Container Washing Process

Posted On 23 November 2023
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Customs storage and logistics companies play a vital role in facilitating the movement and distribution of goods between businesses and consumers. One of the main challenges these companies face is maintaining the cleanliness and safety of containers used in transportation and storage operations. Container washing processes are an effective solution to address these challenges. Below, we highlight the importance of this service and the distinctive features of TEDA ROYAL Bonded Warehouse in providing this service.


Container Washing Process and Its Importance in Customs Warehouses

The container washing process in customs warehouses aims to clean and sanitize containers used for storing and transporting goods. This process is an essential part of the logistics supply chain and plays a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and safety standards in custom bonded area.

The container washing process in customs warehouses adheres to international standards and guidelines to ensure the quality of work and the preservation of health and safety. Specialized logistics and customs storage service companies, such as Teda Royal one of warehousing and logistics companies, provide this service to their clients to ensure the safety and cleanliness of containers and the effective continuity of logistical operations.

Steps and Techniques of Container Washing in Customs Warehouses

The container washing process involves several steps and techniques to achieve desired results. These steps may include:

  1. Container Emptying: The internal content of the container is completely removed before the washing process begins. Special equipment such as cranes may be used to empty the containers.

  2. Container Washing: Specialized equipment and tools are used for thorough container washing. High-pressure water and cleaning agents are used to remove dirt and residues from all parts of the container.

  3. Sanitization: After washing, the container undergoes sanitization to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may accumulate on surfaces. Specific sanitizing agents are used in this process.

  4. Drying: After sanitization, the container is thoroughly dried to prevent moisture buildup and the growth of mold or new bacteria. Heat sources or fans may be used to expedite the drying process.

  5. Inspection and Examination: After completing the container washing process, it undergoes inspection and examination to ensure it is clean and ready for use. Any damage or defects in the container are identified and repaired if necessary.


Teda Royal - The Best Company Providing Container Washing Service

  • TEDA ROYAL Bonded Warehouse and logistics service company that specializes in container trading, goods handling, and storage services.
  • The company offers container washing and cleaning services, utilizing water or chemical substances when needed. These processes enhance the efficiency and readiness of containers for specific goods and food items.
  • Teda Royal's container washing station is located in the Ain Sokhna area, near the Ain Sokhna Port, in the third sector to the northwest of the Suez Gulf, within the Teda Industrial Zone. This prime location ensures easy access through road and transportation networks, making it an ideal site for reaching a large number of suppliers and consumers.
  • Teda Royal provides diverse services, including container washing and cleaning, container and goods trading, as well as storage and distribution. These services are executed by a well-trained and specialized team using modern equipment and effective techniques.
  • The company encourages collaboration and partnership with clients and partners to meet their needs and achieve satisfaction. We invite you to contact us and engage with us to benefit from our excellent services.

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What materials are used in the container washing process?

Materials include water and soap, industrial-grade cleansers for effective dirt and pollution removal, sanitizing agents for containers with perishable or corruptible materials, bleaching agents for tough stains and whitening containers, and solvents for containers with strong chemicals.

Why does a customs warehouse need container washing?

Containers are used to store a variety of goods, including chemicals and food items. Containers must be clean and fit for use to avoid cross-contamination between goods and ensure product safety.

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